1-1966 United Amazon 16′ Restored $ 11,500.00 2018-11-11T14:47:32-06:00
New Upper Backglass
New Lower Backglass
New Front Shin Rubber
New LED Light Bulbs
New Wheels
New Locks Keyed Alike
New Pins
New Chrome Ball Return Rails
New Chrome Ball Return Risers
New Chrome Hinges
New Chrome Cap
New Plaquereds
New Ball Lift Motor and Coil Pack
New Ball Return Rubber
Pindeck Restored
New Hardware
New Lanes
New Balls
All Oak Wood sanded down to bare wood, stained to original color, and 4 coats of finished applied.  All Other surfaces sanded down to bare wood, primed and painted to Original Colors and Artwork, 4 coats of finish applied.
All of the electronics have been taken apart, cleaned and adjusted.
This game is set on Free Play.
This bowler has 5 great games that can be played with up to 6 players.