Ball Bowlers
When games were not hand held and the sounds were not digitally produced.

Today’s kids have literally thousands of games at their fingertips. But no matter what game they chose, the format is always the same. Digitally produced images, phoney sounds and no human interaction.

But there was a time when playing a game really meant PLAYING. You used real balls, saw live action and enjoyed real sounds as you played the game. Antique Ball Bowlers were one of the most popular games of the era from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.

Bring a piece of nostalgia and history into your home to share with your family and friends. We have a large inventory of Ball Bowlers ready for your restoration or we can do the restoration for you.

We also have a large selection of exclusive Ball Bowler parts. Be sure to check out our catalog for our current inventory and prices.

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Here are just a FEW of the bowlers we have in stock. We work on bowlers to order.  Once a title or style of bowler is picked out, then we will help match you to a game. Our inventory is always changing, feel free to call or E -Mail us at any time if you are looking for a certain game.

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A Brief History of
Ball Bowlers

For Your Reading Enjoyment

Remember the 50’s? Malt shops, a new food craze called Pizza and everyone went bowling.

Bowling was the great American pass time. It was during this bowling rage that United invented coin operated Ball Bowling machines. These machines were solidly made with formica lanes and were anywhere from thirteen to thirty-two feet long.

Other companies like Chicago Coin and Bally quickly followed suite and soon almost every corner bar and arcade had their own Ball Bowling machine.

Restoration Photos

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1-1961 United Dixie 13′ $10,500.00

1-1963 Chicago Coin Grand Prize 13′


1-1957 Bally ABC 14′

1-1957 Keeney True Score 14′


1-1959 United League 16′

1-1959 Chicago Coin King 16′

1-1961 Chicago Coin Princess 16′

1-1967 Chicago Coin Fleetwood 16′ $11,000.00

Lane Extensions

1-  NOS 4′ Chicago Coin Late 60’s -70’s

1- 5′ Bally Contact Section

1- 5′ Bally $800.00